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Teresa Barnes, RN - Founder of HearCommunication

Business Advisor|Diversity Speaker

 Teresa  has  20+ years in the medical and corporate cultures.  She comes from a long line of female entrepreneurs.  A former Emergency Department  Manager and Critical Care RN.  Hearing loss has been always been a part of of her  life. Due to a ski accident for not being able to hear a warning shout  from behind she discovered that 20% of the population has this leading disability with many unmet needs. Research lead her to discover the Communication Disorders covered by the American Disabilities Act. She is here to help increase the awareness of the impact hearing loss has on businesses and people.  Advocating for the attraction principle verses lawsuit principle.  

Let Teresa  "Help Connect Your Business with the Hearing Impaired" call or virtually connect today...760-717-8190 or TBarnes@HearCommunication.com

Businesses are losing revenue, their customer service suffers and risk liability by ignoring the 20% of the population.  Become a "Hearing Friendly Business" and become "Hear-rific Sponsor". Taking the heaviness, stigma, lack of understanding and isolation out of hearing loss. 

Business Advisor

 Consulting to Improve Communication for Better Sales & Connections,  Creating Hearing Friendly Businesses for Attraction, Effective Communication for Communication Disorders and Different Customer Service that adopts a New Concept - The HearC Technique.  Helping Your Business Be Forward Thinking with Strategies to Implement.

Business Development

Advocating for 20% of the population with hearing loss, the <1% Deaf Culture, and for the 79% who are hearing for  preservation  of hearing, helping businesses learn how to attract this multi-trillion dollar missed niche thru consulting, speaking, and products. Become a Hearing Friendly Business.

Diversity Speaking

 Educating To Enhance:

1 in 5 of your customers and employees are needing understanding for better sales, customer service, productivity and co-worker communication. Hearing loss is the leading disability let's open doors for inclusion and avoid those suits.  

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A Fresh Perspective on Effective Communication Disorder Techniques

Tune Into Hearing to learn how to improve revenue, production, communication, customer service, and Corporate Responsibility Programs with "Hear-rific Tips"   and implementation strategies. 

Available - virtually, breakouts, training, keynote, workshops and webinars.  Come learn what foods to eat to reduce  and improve  hearing loss along with communication connections. 

Take action to reduce discrimination law suits, healthcare cost, hearing loss, the silent tsunami, which has increased 30% in the last 12 years and loss of valuable employees.  

A John Hopkins Study says 1 in 5 people have unacknowledged hearing loss?

 As a Business Educational Company we advise ways to help you use Hear-rific Effective Communication Techniques to navigate this underserved population.  
While improving your environment to attract a multi-trillion dollar missed market niche, aid in reducing hearing loss, and erasing ignorance about this social dis-ease.  


20% of the population go underserved with this invisible disadvantage. 

Our Mission is to erase the ignorance of hearing loss, improve social inclusion, creating community with a new symbol for those with mild to profound hearing loss for safety, better communication, and removal of the stigma associated with hearing loss.  

Because the Founder, Teresa Barnes, RN was told by Dr. Marion Downs, Mother of Pediatric Audiology to continue to aid those with hearing loss and make it a better place for those with this health condition.  

Changing one environment after another to reduce hearing loss and increase access, safety, belonging, and competence. 

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* Reducing and Improving Hearing Loss 

* Sound Advice: Tune Into Hearing 

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