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Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired

Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired

Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired
HearCommunication offers Hearing Friendly Training for increased sales, retention, customer service


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Hearing Friendly Business Skills

Mayor Jones and Teresa Barnes, RN On KUSI TV

Teresa Barnes, RN, Founder of HearCommunication - a business educational company, is helping businesses become Hearing Friendly Trained and Certified.  Businesses need to take a proactive stance with 2010 ADA hearing disorders disabilities compliance.  

Mayor Rebecca Jones was shocked that 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss. She presented a Proclamation for July as Hearing Friendly Business Month. This is the beginning of a National Campaign  to have July named Hearing Friendly Business month.

Oceanside Chamber Staff receives Hearing Friendly Training and Certification for ADA 2010 Compliance

Oceanside Chamber Trained & Certified

Testimonial from Scott Ashton, CEO


"Teresa has a wealth of knowledge regarding the importance of businesses being prepared to effectively serve customers with hearing loss. We were pleased to have the opportunity for our staff to be educated on how to recognize individuals with hearing loss and how to effectively serve them. Businesses who are not properly trained in this area are missing a great opportunity to grow and serve a larger segment of our community."

Be Proactive and Caring

Sign Up Your Team for Hearing Friendly Training to provide effective communication with 20% of the population that has hearing loss.  Learn how to better serve this missed market niche for increased revenue, retention, inclusion and  productivity. $100 billion is lost by not addressing productivity and hearing issues.


California Welcome Center Oceanside is HFB Trained!

There's much to see here in Oceanside. Under the direction of Lelee Gaul, CEO/President her staff will have an additional service to add for the 1,000 visitors per month that drop in to hear what Oceanside has to offer. Just ask them to implement using the AVA app for instant captioning services. 

Vista Chamber Enjoyed Their Training

Hearing Friendly Training & Certification


Rachel Beld, CEO for Vista Chamber is a strong supporter for those with hearing loss and in hearing conservation. She has her own children wearing over the head ear protection when going to Taylor Swift's Concert, moves the microphone to the right side so that those with hearing loss can still speechread, and is aware not to talk when walking in front of a person if that person has hearing loss. 

Training Testimonial and Implementation


"Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I learned so much during the one-hour hearing friendly business training for our staff."                   -Veronica Medranof, Office Manager

Teresa Barnes, RN Sizzling Speaker's Reel

Let Barnes, the Hearing Awareness Business Expert, show you how to CONNECT with the 1 in 5 Americans who have hearing loss.

Certifying your business to be Hearing Friendly will increase understanding about hearing loss and result in better communication skills, customer satisfaction, improved inclusion, increased sales and retention. 

Let's approach this disability proactively by erasing ignorance on this topic.  Schedule Teresa at your next event.  

Lisane Basquiat and Teresa Barnes Discussion

Business owner of Hera Hub Carlsbad, Lisane Basquiat, was "thrilled to become part of the Hearing Friendly Business Community and the knowledge she gained about better understanding this underserved market."  Lisane thinks it would be great for your business, too. Check out the video. 

Our Partners


Advisor Board

Geoffrey A. Smith, MD, F.A.C.S, Board of Otolaryngology and Cosmetic Surgery.


He believes being a physician is more than the practice of medicine. Dr. Smith is here for advice on ENT Questions, WorkersCompensation Claims, and  medical authority in the field of otolaryngology, better know as ear health. 

Ranji Roshan, IBM Client Manager|Global Partnerships.


Over 11 years of experience in the tech industry and is passionate about technology solutions that have a social impact. 

She is assisting with technology development for HearCommunication.

Greg Houlgate, CEO of Oska, Inc.


Having grown up with parents and a sibling with hearing loss he understands the nuisances of this social and physical disease from this perspective. He is a strong supporter and suggest every business implement the Hearing Friendly Program in their platform.

The HearC Team & Speaking Services


The HearC Team

Teresa  Barnes, RN, Founder of HearCommunication - a business educational company -  has had a hearing loss since birth.  Ms. Barnes is a former ER Manager with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field.  She holds a BA in Communications from UCSD and is a board certified registered nurse in California.  Due to a  potentially life threatening accident for not hearing a warning shout from behind, she created  the Hearing Friendly Symbol.  Hearing loss now has a new 21st Century symbol that focuses on those who  have mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss. Originally to used as a way to give hearing loss visibility for safety and awareness.  In addition, the hearing-friendly symbol is an attraction magnet for businesses that want to serve this market and to aid in hearing conservation. 

Ms. Barnes developed the Hearing Friendly Training and Certification Program.  She is available for speaking presentations and is the author of Sound Advice: Tune Into Listening which is available on Amazon. 

Please contact Carolyn Reinmiller B. Reinmiller Public Relations for The HearC Team at  mreinmi318@aol. to schedule a speaking date.


Hear Teresa Speak! She is fun, informative, and engaging!

A Few of the Topics to Choose From: 

  • 21st Century Hearing Awareness to increase revenue,  productivity, retention and inclusion.                               

 Learn how to attract this trillion-dollar market opportunity and actively  do ADA 2010 Auditory Disorder Compliance. 

  •  Advice on Stopping the Silent Tsunami  

Gain  understanding  about how your environment or choices are causing hearing loss. 7 Strategies for Management for Effective Communication Skills.                    

  • Three Key Ways to Reduce and Improve Hearing Loss                     

                  1) Did you know there are foods to eat that are ear healthy?

            2 ) Did you know that personal care products can affect hearing loss?  

               3) Did you know that some drugs can affect your hearing?


What Businesses Need for Hearing Friendly Training/Certification Package

All service, manufacturing, and educational institutions need Hearing Friendly Training to increase inclusion, safety, understanding, productivity, retention and make their environments ADA 2010 compliance for hearing disorders. 

Become  part of the business culture to remove stigma and learn about a new twist on hearing conservation. 

Training Options: In Person, Online, Zoom, Webinar Formats, or Round Table for Level C and management. 




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"Growing up in the glory days of radio, and with a career as a global speaker, most of my sound advice has been gained through the art of listening. Teresa Barnes truly is today's - "Voice of Hearing." You or someone you know will have a life-changing experience by reading and internalizing her inspiring, timely message."

                -Denis Waitley, author of the Psychology of Winning