Increase Revenue, Inclusion, Retention, Productivity, & Health

 Helping Businesses CONNECT with the Hearing Impaired 

Increase Revenue, Inclusion, Retention, Productivity, & Health

 Helping Businesses CONNECT with the Hearing Impaired 

The Unseen Disability That Affects All

" 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss according to a Johns Hopkins Study 2011, which encompassed the entire US with World Health Organization standards applied. 

Keep your loyal  customers and employees by becoming a Certified Hearing Friendly Business with a collaborative effort to be ADA 2010 Title I, II, and III Compliant pro-actively.  Use the Ben Franklin Approach.

The Hearing Friendly Process is simple an assessment, recommendations, training, certification, and  community.



Additional Information

  • Hearing and vision are defining senses for the quality of your life. Healthy People 2010 
  • Hearing lose from loud noise can be prevented by wearing ear protective devices
  • 70%  of the people exposed to loud noise never or seldom wear protective ear equipment
  • World Health Organization measures hearing loss as having a mild (.25 decibel) loss that does affecting your quality of job performance, communication skills, and overall health.
  • ADA Title I, II, &  III 2010 addresses the accommodations &  rights of those with hearing loss. 
  • Office environments above 85 decibels insidiously erode the cicilia that convert sound 
  • The average for bathroom hand dryer is 105 decibels. At 100 decibels, damage can occur with 15 minutes of exposure. Babies hear in utero at 16 weeks. 90% of Deaf babies have hearing parents. Ask your company to hire HearCommunication for more information.
  • 65 Million Americans with  hearing loss and it's a $1.7 Trillion Dollar Market looking for your services and businesses.  

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A Business Book with Personal Applications

A Pro-Active Approach to ^Sales, ^Compliance, & ^Health,


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  • Learn How to Identify Hearing Impaired to Serve Better
  • Hearing Friendly Hearing Communication  Skills for Business & Personal Use.
  • Power of the Market & Impact
  • How It Affects Your Bottomline
  • 3 Key Ways to Reduce & Improve Hearing Loss.

Our Partners


Hearing Friendly Businesses

Oksa Wellness is Hearing Friendly Certified

John Hopkins Hearing Loss  Phonak, Starkey Costco Hearing Aids Business Development CEU Credits RN 

Buy the Pulse - the Natural Way to Relieve Pain is a Great Supporter of the Hearing Friendly Concept. 300 Carlsbad Village Drive Suite 111 Carlsbad, California 92018



Clutch Modern Providing Hearing Friendly Decor

Customer Service, Productivity, Retention of employees and customers, human resources, productive, 

Clutch Modern on Cedros is Hearing and Dog Friendly. Providing  Bedroom Bliss, Creative Living with the right touches, and Real Beauty. Come Meet Clutchy and Team. 324 Cedros Suite 100 Solana Beach, California 92075


Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More in San Marcos for Hearing Challenged Logo Applications

Safety Decals for Bikers, Skiers, Walkers, Drivers, Hockey, Football, High School, College. Seating 

Jeff McNeilly and Team  are trained in supplying your needs for those with hearing loss. 151 S Las Posas Road #173 San Marcos, California 92078 


HeraHub Carlsbad Hearing Friendly Certified

Lisane & Jeane-Michel Basquiat, phonak, bbc, abc, artists. NABWO, nursing, patient advocacy, ADA

Lisane Basquiat, Owner of HeraHub a Workspace for Women was thrilled with her training and knowledge she received to understand what's needed for 20% of population with hearing loss. Providing a Hearing Friendly Zone , Great Lighting, and HF Supportive Environment. 5205 Avenida Encinas Suite A  Carlsbad, California 92008


3 X Yummy Cupcakes Owner Becomes Hearing Friendly Certified

training, keynote speaking, compliance, renato cautelo, nbc, wedding cakes, san diego magazine, r

Renato Cautelo said, " She was able to educate them on hearing-impaired, ways to identify, communicate and better serve the hearing-impaired." Renato is a true leader with NBC awarded  sweet cup cakes, wedding cake services and yummy truffles. Found at 1514 Encinitas Blvd. Encinitas, California 923824

Just west of Torrey Pines High School


Get Your Photographic Needs Done by debra a HFBusiness Owner

speaking, training, compliance, hearing audiologist Patient choice Act

debora cartwright providing specialized service for those with hearing loss as a Certified Hearing Business Owner. No it's not  typo she likes her name in lower case. Very Creative and Will Get Your Best Angle

320 S Cedros Avenue #350 Solana Beach, California 92075. Even provides intern services for those have empathy .


Hearing Friendly Businesses

Coles on Cedros Hearing Friendly Certified

coles fine flooring sales, revenue, b2b, BBB, Yelp  Millennials,  Amazon, Sound Advice  HOH, Deaf, 

Stop in to See What Alan and Joanne can put together to make your environment more conducive to hearing and conservation of course in a hearing friendly way.  

Remodeling Services offered as well. 

320 South Cedros Solana Beach, CA 92075




Mary Kellejian and Kelli Kellejian-Barrett, a Mother-Daughter Team with American Society of Interior Design Credentials are now Hearing Friendly Certified, too.  Mary has friends  who have hearing loss, therefore has a special desire to formate your home into a beautiful space that's hearing accessible, too.  In the Village on Cedros in Solana Beach. 


Mark's Heating and Air - A Hearing Friendly Service for Residential or Commercial


Mark and His Crew care for your heating and air conditioning needs. Look for his truck from El Cajon to where he needs to roam to give 1st Class Service, with special attention. HVAC Contractor at 1284 El Rey Avenue 

El Cajon, CA 92021


Express Funding Mortage Company is Certified Hearing Friendly Business


Brad Shoemaker provides exceptional service and  provides Hearing Friendly Services to those with the disability of invisible hearing loss as he has received training and is a hearing friendly supporter as well.  Let him help you with your mortgage needs. 

1237 Camino Del Mar  Del Mar, CA 92014


LOVE Painting Company is a Woman Owned Business


Kelly Forbes has the attitude of caring for her customers and employees. Painting with environmental safe paint giving your home or office the fresh look to add to your Hearing Friendly Space.  She is offering jobs for those with hearing loss from  Deaf , Hard-of-Hearing or that annoying ringing in the ears.  Schedule an Appointment Today

619-384-7646  Call or Text

Alexis K Beauty Goes Hearing Friendly Certified

Inclusion, Diversity, Hearing Loss, compliance, ADA, hearing aids, depression, beauty, phonak,

Hearing loss is an isolating disease. Here at Alexis K they understand your needs to uplift your beauty routine in a quiet user friendly space.  Providing excellent service by licensed clinical estheticians for your brows, skin, lashes, and body needs. An inclusive businesses with one provider with a mild hearing loss. 

344 S Cedros Avenue Solana Beach


Hearing Friendly Businesses

Bruce W. Jacobson, AAMS


Bruce works with a wide variety of investors in the La Jolla and the surrounding areas, including: individuals, families, and small businesses. It is important to get to know you to provide the most comprehensive recommendations. Together, you will discuss a variety of plans and investment choices. Bruce's commitment to your long term financial objectives is his highest priority.

1200 Prospect Street Suite 350

La Jolla, California 92037


Shatto & Sons: Custom T-Shirts


Custom screen printing, digital printing, silk screening and original beach and surf designs with themes of Leucadia, Encinitas, and other coastal North County ... Both father and a son have hearing loss, so they personal understand the nuisances of this health condition.  Both are focusing on eating healthier foods which is part of their community and as avid surfers strongly recommend that ear protection be worn.  If your in a hurry for a hat they can digitalize a trucker hat in usually less than an hour. A Certified Hearing Friendly Business. 

696 N Coast Hwy Encinitas, CA


Gratitude Studio


Liz Tapper, Owner of Gratitude is here to help the hearing impaired decorate your environment where it is ear friendly, whether it be home or  office.  Create a  Hearing Friendly Location with the help of Liz Tapper and Associates. 

" An interior is the natural projection of the soul." 

                                                           -Coco Channel

346 South Cedros Ave Solana Beach, CA


Carly Blalock Interiors

 Carly and her team’s creativity cross paths with function and form.


CBI becomes Hearing Friendly Certified. 

Carly Blalock Interiors is where Carly and her team’s creativity cross paths with function and form. The firm has garnered a reputation by creating unforgettable spaces, delivering distinctive yet timeless concepts with a facet of fun, and pairing all of that with seamless execution. The team has had the pleasure of working on diverse portfolio including private estates, vacation properties, boutique hotels, and yachts.  348 S Cedros Ave H in Solana Beach


Kites by Carla Manuel


Needing something to lift your depression from hearing loss? Consider getting some uplifting Brazilian Clothing from Carla that can be custom made and a wide variety of in store merchandise. 

That has the warmth of the Southern Atmosphere and will cheer you up. 

Carla was amongst the first to be Hearing Friendly Certified and received one on one training from Teresa Barnes, RN.

Find Kites by Carla Manuel in the Village on Cedros on the corner. 

348 S. Cedros Avenue S

Solana Beach, CA 92075

All About Me Hair and Beauty Salon


Looking for that private, quiet, excellent service hair and beauty salon. Their stylist are already serving several clients with cochlear implants, so have the knowledge bases on approaching this sensitive issue. 

 All About Me test below 60 decibels, so especially useful for those of us that need a quiet environment due to noise sensitivity. 

Call to Schedule an Appointment Today


Easy Parking, Homestead Eatery and Temecula Oil in the Same Location.

 348 S. Cedros Avenue Suite Suite E

Solana Beach, CA 9275

What We Do


A Collaborative Innovative Approach

Certifying Businesses to be Hearing Friendly will give understanding around hearing loss resulting in better communication skills, customer satisfaction, improved inclusion, increased sales and retention. 

Get Your Business Certified and Connect with HF Community


Save Hearing and Improve Health

Get  Hearing Friendly Training to learn what's needed for professional development, compliance, and improve the health of your team.  Resulting in increased morale, less absenteeism, and improved productivity.

Hearing Friendly Training in Person, Webinars, and Pre-Packaged


Sound Advice: Tune Into Listening

Available in Book, Audio, and Keynote Presentations focusing on your needs and styled for your company culture.  There are stories of how famous people overcame the hearing loss challenge, how not to embarrass those with hearing loss, how to recognize and communication with this community. 

A Fun Informative Interactive Engagement with real life applications for business and personal opportunities.

ADvisor Board

Geoffrey A. Smith, MD, F.A.C.S, Board of Otolaryngology and Cosmetic Surgery.


He believes being a physician is more than the practice of medicine. Dr. Smith is here for advice on ENT Questions, WorkersCompensation Claims, and  medical authority in the field of otolaryngology, better know as ear health. 

Ranji Roshan, IBM Client Manager|Strategy|Solution Development|Growth|Global Partnerships.


Over 11 years of experience in the tech industry and is passionate about technology solutions that have a social impact. She is assisting with technology development for HearCommunication..

Mr. Greg Houlgate is the inventor, development office, and CEO of Oska Wellness, Inc.


Having grown up with parents and a sibling with hearing loss he understands the nuisances of this social and physical disease from this perspective. He is a strong supporter and suggest every business implement the Hearing Friendly Program in their platform.

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