Certifying Hearing Friendly Businesses to CONNECT

  "1 in 5 Million Americans have  hearing loss"  - John Hopkins  Study.  Plus, a $1.7 Trillion Missed Market Niche.     

Certifying Hearing Friendly Businesses to CONNECT

  "1 in 5 Million Americans have  hearing loss"  - John Hopkins  Study.  Plus, a $1.7 Trillion Missed Market Niche.     

E-Book: 3 Key Ways to Reduce & Improve Hearing Loss

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It's better to understand and include rather than take the risk of being sued or losing your own hearing as a result of catering  to environments that create ear disease.  Learn How to Increase Revenue, Inclusion and Retention. 

-Did you know office environments over 85 Decibels for more than 8 hours can cause hear loss? 

-Did  you know that sodium lauryl sulfate found in hygiene products wipe out  the hearing organ

-Industrial Noise affects the customer and the employee

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Understanding Hearing Loss

Soft Cover Book - Gain Understanding of Hearing Loss & Act


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HearC Services

Certifying Businesses to Become Hearing Friendly

The HFB Process

  • Assessment of Site - Virtually or One Hour Free In Person Consultation
  • HFB Training - Video, Audio, or Direct Team Training
  • Certification Validate for Period of Time Paid For
  • Your Business Listed & HFB Decal on Your Website
  • Quarterly Updates on ADA Laws and Materials

Special Discounts for five year renewals


"Becoming a hearing friendly business will increase sales! Moreover, it is the correct way to serve your customers and employees. All of my businesses are certified hearing friendly business. I would not operate any other way.” 

-Daniel Edward Powell, Commercial Real Estate Owner, Serial Entrepreneur, & USC Marshall School of Business Graduate

"The Hearing Friendly Training was very informative." 

 -Liz Tapper,  Gratitude Interiors


"Teresa captured and maintained our interest thru out her training.  My team was very impressed with her.  She was able to educate them on the hearing impaired, ways to identify, communicate, and better serve the hearing-impaired."

- Renato Cautelo, Yummy Cupcake Franchise Owner

"More inspired to take action for better ear health and Teresa's presentation gave better recognition of the extent of the hearing impaired." Andrew Carmen

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An engaging, enthusiastic, energetic speaker that helps you understand how to connect with the missed trillion dollar market  with Hearing Friendly Communication Skills. 

  • Increase sales, productivity, and inclusion by attracting 65 Million Americans
  • Understanding the challenges this audience faces and accommodating their disability leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Most companies ignore this portion of their workforce which can lead to poor morale and poor employee relationships. 

Learn What's Needed

Sound Advice Tune Into Listening Book is Available

Key Identification Traits of Hearing Impaired list on dusk cover of hard cover.  What you need as a business owner, sales representative, customer service, manager, and a person that wants to keep healthy by adding hearing health to your routine. 

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Hearing Friendly Wearable Products

Give the leading disability visibility by wearing a lapel button, a decal  for sports enthusiast to avoid being rear ended,  or reserve seating at conferences or team meetings. Use the disability as an advantage when possible. 

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Our Partners

Teresa Barnes, RN - Founder, Speaker, & Advocate

Helping 1 in 5 Americans with hearing loss in the work place and service for customers.

 Teresa  has  20+ years in the medical and corporate cultures.  A former Emergency Department  Manager and Critical Care RN.  Due to a  life threatening ski accident for not hearing a warning shout from behind and researching needs. She federally registered the Hearing Friendly Symbol for safety, awareness, and inclusion.  For an often ignored population those who are classified as Hard of Hearing as there are 65 Million Americans with this health and social condition.  Founder of the HearCommunication a Business Educational Company we ofter Hearing Friendly Business Certification Programs, Training, Consulting and Keynote Speaking. Teresa has dealt with hearing loss since birth, therefore understands the nuisances  of this health and social condition both personally and professionally. 

Let Teresa  "Help Connect Your Business with the Hearing Impaired" call or virtually connect today...760-717-8190 or TBarnes@HearCommunication.com

Looking for  progressive companies that want to connect with the 65 Million Hearing Impaired Americans, our Hearing Friendly Certification increases  revenue, employee retention, and creates a culture of inclusiveness. 

Become a "Hearing Friendly Business" and become "Hearing Friendly Supporter". Taking the stigma, lack of understanding, accommodations, and isolation out of hearing loss. 

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Business and Professional Development

Removing the confusion around hearing loss to improve revenue, customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, morale, inclusion, retention, and access. Implementing the Hearing Friendly Communication Technique to recognize the traits of the hearing impaired and provide better customer service for this miss trillion dollar niche.  Become a Hearing Friendly Business by spending a little upfront to avoid a lot out the backend. 

Diversity Speaking

 Educating To Enhance:

1 in 5 of your customers and employees are needing understanding for better sales, customer service, productivity and co-worker communication. Hearing loss is the leading disability let's open doors for inclusion and avoid those suits.  

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Corporate Training
  • Virtual Training

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Advisory Board

Rajni Roshan IBM Client Manager|Strategy|Solution Development|Growth|Global Partnerships


Rajni has over 11 years of experience in the tech industry and is passionate about technology solutions that have social impact. Rajni moved from UK to San Diego last year, where she was a Client solutions manager for emerging technologies at IBM. Her interest areas are designing for human needs, technology solutions and business strategy. Rajni is a strong advocate for young girls and women in STEM. She is the Program Director of the Girls-in-Tech San Diego chapter, a non-profit focused on supporting women in tech and regularly takes time out to mentor other women in the tech industry.

New to San Diego she believes in helping   with this effort to change the beliefs around hearing loss, offering her business acumen and knowledge of global expansion. Plus, the bonus of tech suggestions for Teresa's Team at HearCommunication as an advisor. 

Ms. Barnes and Mrs. Roshan are both members of Hera Hub and met several times at events such as Hera Summit Ventures before deciding to work together on several apps that are in development as well. 

Geoffrey A. Smith, M.D., F.A.C.S., Board of Otolaryngology Surgery| Cosmetic Surgery|Lecturer


For Dr. Geoffrey A. Smith, being a physician is more than his practice of medicine. It includes teaching courses to other physicians and medical students, publishing articles, doing charitable work and lecturing locally and worldwide. 


Dr. Smith has been based in the San Diego, California area for many years.   He would frequently see surfers with knots or bony growths in the ear canal. As they grow, these growths (exostosis) can block the ear canal. He developed a procedure to clear the blockage and get the surfers back in the water quicker.

 Dr. Smith also help co-develop the first imaging procedure for patients to see the results of what the expected out come of a surgical procedure would be. 

Dr. Smith enjoys lecturing at multiple museums and is frequently contacted to provide insight on ancient Egyptian artifacts, early man artifacts, pre-Columbian archeological artifacts, ancient adornments and Biblical artifacts, among other items. Dr. Smith currently teaches the Junior Gemologist classes at The Gemological Institute of America and is on the Advisor Board for HearCommunication.

Greg Houlgate, Founder of Oska, Inc. Chief Product and Development Officer|MBA in Global Management

 Mr. Houlgate has a passion for helping people relieve pain the natural way with Oska Pulse to live fuller lives. Mr. Houlgate is the developer of the Pulse and developing other products. 

Greg grew with family members with hearing loss and understands the nuisances of hearing loss from this perspective. 

Oska is a Certified Hearing Friendly Business and Mr. Houlgate has this to say about the training received. “ It has been a long time coming. We have been in need of training to help us work with the hearing impaired not only with our customers, but with those we love. The mission of HearCommunication really empowers our team to be of better service and more effective in all areas our business. We strongly recommend that HearCommunication’s platform is integrated into your place of business as well as at home. Thank you, Teresa Barnes, for being such an advocate for this population.” As an advisor Greg is offering his business acumen as an experienced principle with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry for several decade. 

Tom Schenck Educator|Author|TV Producer| Trustee Sisu

Mr. Schenck is an educator at heart. He has been Headmaster, and SpiderMan for Marvel.

Mr. Schenck is an educator at heart. Being a former Headmaster, VP of Philanthropy and English Teacher. Currently, trustee and TV Host of  Villain Crushers. As an advisor to Teresa, he will focus on development and management.  

Join Our Team

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San Diego to Global

Hearing loss affects all and has a huge stigma. Let's work together to change the impact hearing loss has on the individual and businesses.  

About Us

A Fresh Perspective for the leading disability - hearing loss. A new symbol for safety, inclusion, and CONNECTION for businesses to benefit people as well as their bottomline.

Our Hearing Friendly Symbol can be displayed at your business location to let customers and employees know as a Certified Hearing Friendly Business.  

It can be worn as a supporter or to let others know you have a hearing loss, so need a different type of communication.  Let Others See the Need.

A John Hopkins Study says 1 in 5 people have unacknowledged hearing loss? Come Learn & Get Certified...

 As a Business Educational Company we train ways identify those with hearing loss for better service, increase  revenue, customer satisfaction, inclusion, employee relations, productivity and both retention of the valuable customers as well as employees. Side Benefits: Better Health, Better Business and Better Morale.

Teach Hearing Friendly Business Communication Skills for improve effective communication to better  navigate this underserved population.  
While improving your environment to attract a multi-trillion dollar missed market niche, aid in reducing hearing loss, and erasing ignorance about this social and medical disease. Letting your business be part of the solution to removing the stigma while increasing your bottom line exponentially.

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Providing a Comprehensive Solution to Eradicate Ignorance of Hearng Loss

- Increase Visibility with the Federally Registered Hearing Friendly Decal

- Certifying Hearing Friendly Businesses for Improved Sales and Access

- Increase Inclusion and Hearing Awareness for Hearing Conservation