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Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired

Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired

Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired

Hearing Friendly Businesses

Yummy Cup Cake In Encinitas,CA


Renato Cautela, Yummy Owner was pleased with his HFBTraining and Certification Process. "Teresa captured and maintained our interest thru out her training.My team was impressed with her. She was able to educate them on the hearing impaired, ways to identify, communicate and better serve the hearing impaired.

760-452-8136 http://www.yummycupcakes.com/encinitas-ca/

Oska Wellness Hearing Friendly Trained & Certified


“It’s been a long time coming. We have been in need of training to help us work with the hearing impaired not only with our customers, but with those we love. The mission of HearCommunication really empowered our team to be of better service and more effective in all areas of our business. We strongly recommend that HearCommunication’s platform is integrated into your place of business as well as at home. Thank you, Teresa Barnes, for being such an advocate for this population." 

Greg Houlgate, CEO Oksa, Inc.

Hera Hub Carlsbad


 Lisane Basquiat,  the owner of HeraHub  Carlsbad was "thrilled with Hearing Friendly Training to better my understanding of this complex social and ,health issue.. To be able to have this valuable service in place for my team and to offer to my clients."

"Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals."

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Adam Peck of Torrey Pacific Properties, Realtor


Adam has a passion to serve the hearing impaired.  He has learned hearing friendly skills.  He would be delighted to find a house below market value that would be a great fit for a family with hearing loss. 



Gina at Shear Illusions is a Hearing Friendly Supporter and Hearing Friendly Business Owner

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Gina was one of the first hearing friendly supporters and hearing friendly business owners. "Teresa this is so needed and I know you can do it." 

HeraHub Sorrento Valley Becomes Hearing Friendly Certified

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Felena Hanson, Founder of Hera Hub  added this benefit at Sorrento Valley Location.  Feedback has been positive and accommodations have been implemented.  


Hearing Friendly Business

Bruce W. Jacobson, AAMS Financial Consultant



Bruce Jacobson is our newest Member of the Hearing Friendly Community Specialist. Bruce works with a wide variety of investors in the La Jolla and the surrounding areas, including: individuals, families, and small businesses. It is important to get to know you to provide the most comprehensive recommendations. Together, you will discuss a variety of plans and investment choices. Bruce's commitment to your long term financial objectives is his highest priority.


Shatto & Sons Custom T-Shirts



Shatto & Sons Custom T-Shirts has been around since 1975 so they are here to stay. Ryan Shatto is  Hearing Friendly Business Owner.  Ryan does have personal knowledge of this health condition, so he is empathetic and enjoyed the training. After all it's all about connecting.

Go in and See Ryan's Team.


Carlsbad Chamber in CA


The Carlsbad Chamber was Hearing Friendly Trained & Certified on June 3, 2019. 

Bret Schanzenbach

President & CEO

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

760-931-8400 Office



Sport Industry


Be Safe on the Slopes, Biking, Hiking, Driving, and Jogging. Apply  the HFB Symbol to let them know you have a disability and cannot hear from behind.  There are various levels of hearing loss, so this will help the Deaf as well as some can hear from behind, but not if wearing earbuds. 

Restaurant Industry


What do Millenniums and Boomers like to do the most - Socialize Spending at Food Dining. Get your restaurant ADA 2010 Compliant and Conserve Hearing, too. 

Get Greater Patient Reviews


1 in 5 People  have hearing loss according to a Johns Hopkins Study. That's patients, staff, vendors, housekeeping, and visitors.  Is it a  dementia or just hearing loss?

Hearing Friendly Businesses & Events

Adam Peck, Realtor Specializing in Deaf and Hearing Impaired Clients


Adam of Torrey Pacific Properties is a Certified Hearing Friendly Business Specialist that has a passion to help those with hearing loss find that special home at below market value.  Here with Teresa Barnes, RN of HearCommunication the Hearing Awareness Expert to help with the understanding of this diverse issue.  Contact Adam at 760-803-0973 or adampeck@sbcglobal.net

Tell him Teresa sent you for the best Deaf/HOH Deal

Carlsbad Proclamation 2019 for Better Hearing Month


Carlsbad, California is a place where  the elected officials really care about the community.  Here is City Council Members Keith Blackburn, Mayor Matt Hall, Advocate Teresa Barnes, RN, Dr. Priya Bhat-Patel, Cori Schumacher, and Barbara Hamilton presenting the May Better Hearing Month Proclamation to acknowledge that 1 in 5 people have hearing loss and the great work Teresa is doing for advocating for this population. 

San Diego County Board of Supervisor Proclaim May as Better Hearing Month


Supervisor Jim Desmond of District 5 honored Teresa Barnes, RN of HearCommunication and member of the Hearing Loss Association of America with a Proclamation for May is Better Hearing Month.  There is still a huge stigma around hearing loss, a lot of misunderstanding, and lack of accommodations for this disability. Let's change that by becoming Hearing Friendly Certified. 

Bruce W. Jacobson, AAMS


Bruce Jacobson, AAMS is a "Hearing Friendly Specialist after he received training and certification. His office and manner is conducive for people with hearing loss.  Mr. Jacobson works with a wide variety of investors in the La Jolla and the surrounding areas, including: individuals, families, and small businesses.  He is a local Carlbad resident. 


The Soon to Be Certified


The Grove where Rick Caruso exhibits nothing but class and concern for others.  Teresa looking to get the HF Decal on Hiking and Biking Trails, too. 

Shatto & Sons at 696 N Coast Hwy in Encinitas a Hearing Friendly Business for Promo Hats & T-Shirts



Both Father and Son have minor hearing loss and loved the Hearing Friendly Training and Certification. Here to help those with hearing and aid in hearing conservation.


Hearing Friendly Businesses

Oksa Wellness is Hearing Friendly Certified

John Hopkins Hearing Loss  Phonak, Starkey Costco Hearing Aids Business Development CEU Credits RN


Buy the Pulse - the Natural Way to Relieve Pain is a Great Supporter of the Hearing Friendly Business Concept. 



Clutch Modern Providing Hearing Friendly Decor

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Clutch Modern on Cedros is Hearing and Dog Friendly. Providing  Bedroom Bliss, Creative Living with the right touches, and Real Beauty. Come Meet Clutchy and Team. 


Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More in San Marcos for Hearing Challenged Logo Applications

Safety Decals for Bikers, Skiers, Walkers, Drivers, Hockey, Football, High School, College. Seating


Jeff McNeilly and Team  are trained in supplying your needs for those with hearing loss. 151 S Las Posas Road #173 San Marcos, California 92078 


HeraHub Carlsbad Hearing Friendly Certified

Lisane & Jeane-Michel Basquiat, phonak, bbc, abc, artists. NABWO, nursing, patient advocacy, ADA


Lisane Basquiat, Owner of HeraHub a Workspace for Women was thrilled with her training and knowledge she received to understand what's needed for 20% of population with hearing loss. Providing a Hearing Friendly Zone , Great Lighting, and HF Supportive Environment. 5205 Avenida Encinas Suite A  Carlsbad, California 92008


3 X Yummy Cupcakes Owner Becomes Hearing Friendly Certified

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Renato Cautelo said, " She was able to educate them on hearing-impaired, ways to identify, communicate and better serve the hearing-impaired." Renato is a true leader with NBC awarded  sweet cup cakes, wedding cake services and yummy truffles. Found at 1514 Encinitas Blvd. Encinitas, California 923824

Just west of Torrey Pines High School


Get Your Photographic Needs Done by debra a HFBusiness Owner

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debora cartwright providing specialized service for those with hearing loss as a Certified Hearing Business Owner. No it's not  typo she likes her name in lower case. Very Creative and Will Get Your Best Angle

320 S Cedros Avenue #350 Solana Beach, California 92075. Even provides intern services for those have empathy .


Hearing Friendly Businesses

Coles on Cedros Hearing Friendly Certified

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Stop in to See What Alan and Joanne can put together to make your environment more conducive to hearing and conservation of course in a hearing friendly way.  

Remodeling Services offered as well. 

320 South Cedros Solana Beach, CA 92075





Mary Kellejian and Kelli Kellejian-Barrett, a Mother-Daughter Team with American Society of Interior Design Credentials are now Hearing Friendly Certified, too.  Mary has friends  who have hearing loss, therefore has a special desire to formate your home into a beautiful space that's hearing accessible, too.  In the Village on Cedros in Solana Beach. 


Mark's Heating and Air - A Hearing Friendly Service for Residential or Commercial



Mark and His Crew care for your heating and air conditioning needs. Look for his truck from El Cajon to where he needs to roam to give 1st Class Service, with special attention. HVAC Contractor at 1284 El Rey Avenue 

El Cajon, CA 92021


Express Funding Mortage Company is Certified Hearing Friendly Business



Brad Shoemaker provides exceptional service and  provides Hearing Friendly Services to those with the disability of invisible hearing loss as he has received training and is a hearing friendly supporter as well.  Let him help you with your mortgage needs. 

1237 Camino Del Mar  Del Mar, CA 92014


LOVE Painting Company is a Woman Owned Business



Kelly Forbes has the attitude of caring for her customers and employees. Painting with environmental safe paint giving your home or office the fresh look to add to your Hearing Friendly Space.  She is offering jobs for those with hearing loss from  Deaf , Hard-of-Hearing or that annoying ringing in the ears.  Schedule an Appointment Today

619-384-7646  Call or Text

Alexis K Beauty Goes Hearing Friendly Certified

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Hearing loss is an isolating disease. Here at Alexis K they understand your needs to uplift your beauty routine in a quiet user friendly space.  Providing excellent service by licensed clinical estheticians for your brows, skin, lashes, and body needs. An inclusive businesses with one provider with a mild hearing loss. 

344 S Cedros Avenue Solana Beach