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Coast News Article for Hearing Friendly Business Concept May 4, 2018 by Patty McCormack in Carlsbad

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Learn concept for creating hearing friendly businesses, see Teresa Barnes, RN in Action doing Decibel Testing and Training for Oska Wellness.  With highlight of Certification Process and HF Decal Displayed

Loud and Clear Carlsbad Chamber Journal for March 3rd is International Hearing Day! A Vital Sense

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Teresa Barnes, RN with Ted Owens, President of the Carlsbad Chamber. HearCommunication was up for Innovation Award. Click to access the  March Issue to learn more about what businesses need to serve these two hearing impaired individuals. 

On ESPN BisTalk Radio with Bob Ryan, Montana Smit, and Aaron Cannata airing news for Businesses

On National Radio on 2/22/28

Executive Producer, Montana said, "We loved your energy and passion"! Credit given to  Click the image to see how BizTalk is helping send the message on the waves. Learn how  to increase revenue, inclusion, customer satisfaction, productivity,  relationships  to attract a billion dollar missed market niche. 

Non-Profit - Women Helping Women Help Themselves Gets Certified as a Hearing Friendly Business

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Joe McCloskey, former Jif Pak President  has a non-profit for Business Support and Education. Located in  Vista, California. His business acumen is superior and many could learn from his time management skills as well.  Click to Hear Teresa Speak on this Diversity|Inclusion Factor

Jack Canfield Reviewing the Helping Businesses CONNECT with Hearing Impaired Card

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Understanding he challenges this audience faces and accommodating their disability will lead to increase sales and revenue.  Because gone unchecked, many business environments actually add to the problem. 

Felena Hanson, Owner of Hera Hub International has Sorrento Valley location become Certified

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The City of San Diego acknowledged Hera Hub for being a female-focused working space for entrepreneurial businesses woman.  It is the Hera Lab Location which has the Business Acceleration Program and  Ad Astra Program via Dr. Silvia Mah. Who is associated with UCSD Rady Business School and Angel Investor for Hera Hub. 

The Silver Hair Tsunami

The Boomer Hearing Impaired Market in the US is a missed $1.7 Trillion Niche. We need Hearing Friendly Spaces  with sound around 72decibels to be able to hear with our medical hearing devices for a more delightful shopping, dining, cruising, hospital visit, or entertainment event for reserve Hearing Friendly Signage C Shop. 

As a business owner this will increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Getting Certified increase your productivity, employee relations, and inclusion factor. 


Proclamation from City of Carlsbad

Hear Why to  Become Hearing Friendly. One Business at a Time.  City Council Honoring May for Better Hearing and Speech Month with a Proclamation.

Teresa Barnes RN A VIP Member of the Hearing Loss Association of America with Michael Schumacher at the podium reading the declaration to supporters Mayor Matt Hall,  Keith Blackburn, Dr. Mark Packard,  Cori Schumacher, Neil Gallucci-Police Chief, Don Nue-City Planer, Michael Davis-Fire Chief, Michelle Samtoy, Ed Paulus. The Kelley's, and Lou Oberman, 


CongressWoman Susan Davis

 “I commend your work to improve safety, develop hearing friendly areas, and implement a national recognized hearing challenged symbol.”            

Dr. Marion Downs, Mother of Pediatric Audiology

"The wearing of a lap pin to identify the with hearing loss is an excellent idea.  It will inform others that it will be helpful to speak clearly, to speak face-to-face, but with no need to raise their voices.  These are innovative ideas, and I compliment you on recognizing these needs. T. J. this is an excellent idea.  Once it catches on it will help a lot of people

Comments on Speaking

" A Dynamic Presentation- Enthusiastic, Informative, & Powerful!  Way to Go Teresa.  Mary Ellen Drummond, CSP

"Topic Awesome - Passion Awesome"

       Steve Ostrow, Attorney of Law


Brian Hall of Brian Hall Properties

David Utso, President of Byte Knowledge

"Ways to Reduce and Improve Hearing Loss.  As a Virtual Producer for General Dynamics, Boeing, and various other Fortune 500 Companies.  I highly recommend this training and others Teresa Barnes, RN has produced.  

Excellent Platform for Better Health, Productivity, Customer Service & CSR.              

Comments for Businesses

"A Hearing Friendly Business will help a lot of people and businesses. Daniel E. Powell, USC Alumni &  Businessman

"Love the Idea of Driving more traffic to my front door while helping others in need with the BBB Concept." Mark Crosby

"Consulting with Teresa gave us value for the money and potential for lawsuit avoidance." Karen Cebros

David Woodruff, AuD, CCC-A Past President - California Academy of Audiology

"I endorse the hearing challenge pin, as a tool that will assist communication between the hearing challenged and the hearing community.  

I recognize the importance of having a national  Recognized Symbol for the Hearing Impaired - for safety, understanding and better communication. 

As part of the isolation that occurs with the hearing challenged, is their invisibility, this will enhance that visibility as well as make a general awareness to the public to assist communication."