Hearing Friendly Services


Certifying Businesses to Become Hearing Friendly

The HFB Process

  • Assessment of Site - Virtually or One Hour Free In Person Consultation
  • HFB Training - Video, Audio, or Direct Team Training
  • Certification Validate for Period of Time Paid For
  • Your Business Listed & HFB Decal on Your Website
  • Quarterly Updates on ADA Laws and Materials

Special Discounts for five year renewals


"Becoming a hearing friendly business will increase sales! Moreover, it is the correct way to serve your customers and employees. All of my businesses are certified hearing friendly business. I would not operate any other way.” 

-Daniel Edward Powell, Commercial Real Estate Owner, Serial Entrepreneur, & USC Marshall School of Business Graduate

"The Hearing Friendly Training was very informative." 

 -Liz Tapper,  Gratitude Interiors


"Teresa captured and maintained our interest thru out her training.  My team was very impressed with her.  She was able to educate them on the hearing impaired, ways to identify, communicate, and better serve the hearing-impaired."

- Renato Cautelo, Yummy Cupcake Franchise Owner

"More inspired to take action for better ear health and Teresa's presentation gave better recognition of the extent of the hearing impaired." Andrew Carmen

Schedule Teresa

Schedule Teresa Barnes, RN to Speak at Your Next Event

An engaging, enthusiastic, energetic speaker that helps you understand how to connect with the missed trillion dollar market  with Hearing Friendly Communication Skills. 

  • Increase sales, productivity, and inclusion by attracting 65 Million Americans
  • Understanding the challenges this audience faces and accommodating their disability leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Most companies ignore this portion of their workforce which can lead to poor morale and poor employee relationships. 

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Hearing loss is the third worst chronic disease after heart disease and arthritis. It still has a huge stigma associated with it, which it's remove is one of the aims of creating Certified Hearing Friendly Businesses. Plus to create a culture of inclusivity for 20% of the workforce and general population. 9/15/10 the new ADA Law covers those who have medical devices for better hearing. Become one the Hearing Friendly Supporters . Learn what to avoid and what to do to keep your ear organs safe.

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Hearing Friendly Wearable Products

Give the leading disability visibility by wearing a lapel button, a decal  for sports enthusiast to avoid being rear ended,  or reserve seating at conferences or team meetings. Use the disability as an advantage when possible.