What We Do


  • Assessment of Business Space
  • Suggestions for Communication Disorder ADA Requirements - Titles II & III
  • A Strategic Action Plan
  • Meet with Hear-rifc Employees 
  • Advocating Services Available


  • Sound Advice: Tune Into Hearing
    • Increase Revenue
    • Increase Customer Service
    • Increase Employee Health 
  • Hear-rific Effective Communication 
  • 3 Key Ways to Reduce or Improve Hearing Loss


  • Attract  A Trillion Dollar Market
  • Have Certified Hear-rific Services
  • Create a "Quieter Zone" 
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Open a New Vista


  • Diversity Training
  • Hear-rific Team Building
  • Workshops on Effective Communication Skills
  • Lip|Speech Reading Training 
  • WEB Classes

Improve Visibility

  • Lapel Pins for Recognition to Improve Communication - Let them see the need.
  • Employee ToolKits
  • Reserved Seating Signage for Meetings
  • Decals for Exercise Enthusiasts - Let them see you cannot hear from behind.
  • Apparel - Make Your Need Visibile
  • Decals|License Plate Frames for Transportation - Let them see cannot hear all. 

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Community Service

  • President of North County SD Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of  America a Support Group for People with Hearing Loss
  • Give Back 10% of Sales to Charities Supporting Hearing Needs
  • Pro-Bono Presentations to Service Clubs and Schools 
  • Participating in Walk4Hearing Events - Join our Hearrific and Terrific Team